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BMI Association

BMI Association is a Prague-based non-profit and non-government organisation, which is dealing with promotion of the Internet as a modern marketing and communication tool, including educative and dissemination activities all over the Czech Republic with a population of 10 274 000. Prague is the Capital of the Czech Republic with 1.2 million citizens.

The central based BMI used to co-operate with national in combination with regional authorities, medias and groups of population, organizing local seminars as well as central round tables or conferences. The expertise of the BMI lies in a project creation and development on the base of public&private partnership. BMI is working with a very few experienced Senior Managers in stuff and outsourcing a large scale of external professionals and agencies for special tasks. Membership in the BMI Association is possible for persons and organizations. You can find a list of actual members here.

During last three years of activities BMI has launched several projects towards different target groups of population. The most popular of them is national wide campaign Month of Internet, which first was organised in 1998. After 4 years, according to the research of the Markent agency, approximately 30 % of Czech grown up population was “reached” by the 4th annual campaign Month of Internet ’2001.

Month of Internet is an umbrella project, covering each year about 15 projects, aimed on different target groups, under one logo. In co-operation with the main Czech media it creates the unique media channel to each citizen in the Czech Republic. There are projects for the general public (such as Days of Internet in towns, To a library for the Internet, etc.), for children (the First Child's Internet Conference Junior Internet), for business people (Internet & Business Live), for public administration professionals (International ISSS Conference with a round table On the Way to the Information Society). The project is accompanied by a large number of Internet-related articles and broadcasts created by independent experts and journalists to be published throughout the month of March.

Other activities and projects of BMI

1. Czech Internet Probe is a syndicated research project for several researches agencies. The focus of the project is changing according to the needs to look at different sides of the Czech Internet market, future and today users of the Internet, needs and preferences of different target groups of population towards IT.

The project is measuring the number of users on Czech servers, covering more than 90 % of Internet visitors from the year 1998 with the same methods.
Internet at public places (as post officies, bus and reailway stations, municipalities, libraries, hotels) is the actual topic for field researches in 2001 – 2002.

2. Public Internet is the pilot project of mapping, listing and indicating those places, where the Internet is available for the wide public as a service (e.g. internet cafés, libraries, posts, municipalities). The special sign (icon) of PUBLIC INTERNET was created for this project to indicate certain places. Co-operative project with UVIS (State Office for Public Information Systems) for the year 2001.

3. Special activities for children:
Junior Internet
- Child's Internet Conference. This event is organized from 1999 with children and for children in the conference hall in Prague. Two months before the conference the Internet related contest for children starts with 5 categories: Junior Text, Junior Web, Junior Banner, Junior Music, School contest. There are about 90 participants of the contests, who are invited to the Junior Internet Conference.

4. Internet and education.
The project is mapping different experiences and problems with implementation of IT into schools. For more effective dialog BMI organize a Conference for professionals from schools and public administration about different aspects of using of Internet in educational process. Traditionally takes place at Schola Nova fair in Prague, March.

5. Internet and disabled people.
A long-term project is mapping possibilities and presenting the better use of the Internet for disabled people. It contributes to better communication between disabled people and the rest of the society, it helps the integration of disabled people into the social life. The project contains a range of events and actions with the aim to inform and educate disabled people about the use of the Internet, while the other activities are targeted on IT and Internet professionals to discuss the needs of disabled people. The widest target group is national civic society for discussing the global problems of equal chances in access to information. The project is running in cooperation with Czech units and associations of disabled persons.

6. e-Business Roadshow is a range of promotional and mapping actions in 7 Czech towns and regions. It is prepared in co-operation with regional Chambers of Commerce. A range of interactive seminars about different aspects of Electronic Commerce for SMEs is accompanied by field researches among regional SMEs (more than 1000 SMEs). The results of the project will be presented at a final conference (e-Buisness and e-Work) in May 2002 in Prague. The commercial partner of the project is TELE2.

_________________________________________________________________________ BMI Association has become a partner for a fruitful dialog with state and local administration, IT companies and citizens. It co-operates with a range of NGOs and participate programme of public & private partnership in the Czech Republic. Month of Internet, the project of BMI, was awarded as finalist in Stockholm Challenge Award 2000 in competition of 612 projects from the whole world. BMI is according to ESIS´2000 (European survey of information society) one of the key players in the Czech Republic.

BMI Association
Za papírnou 5
170 00 Praha 7
tel. (+420 2)6671 0622
e-mail: bmi@brezen.cz, www.brezen.cz
Jaroslav Winter, president, winter@brezen.cz
Irina Zálišová, Managing Director, zalisova@brezen.cz

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