Qualified Care

As of October 2004, BMI association entered the new European project named Qualified Care. This project is dedicated to the problematics of multiple sclerosis and is closely tied to the previous project MS-Net. Qualified Care will run for 2 years and its main objective is to supply the families of patients suffering from multiple sclerosis with multimedia educational tool providing them with the information on the disease, treatment of MS patients, including new trends, and extensive information about family care of MS patients.

The coordination of the project lies within Spanish organization INVESLAN: Other project partners will be composed of two Spanish MS associations ABDEM and FELEM, foundation Fundacion Eugenia Epalza, Greek MS association and HDRC company and BMI association for the Czech Republic.

The main objective of this project is to design and create an educational tool for family members of patients with multiple sclerosis. This tool will supply the family members with professional information about multiple sclerosis and proper family care.