Who we are – BMI Association

Submitted by bmi on 29 December, 2005 - 17:11.

BMI Association is a non-profit and non-government organisation, which deals with the promotion of the Internet as a modern marketing and communication tool, including promotional, educative and dissemination activities all over the Czech Republic. BMI is headquartered in Prague.

 The BMI Association co-operates with a range of national and regional authorities, media and groups of population, organises local workshops in all around the Czech Republic as well as takes part in nation-wide events, conferences or round tables (for instance the ISSS conference for public administration - www.isss.cz). The expertise of BMI lies in project development and management on the basis of public & private partnership. BMI works with experienced Senior Managers outsourcing a large scale of external professionals and agencies for special tasks. Membership of the BMI Association is possible for persons and organisations. Among the members of the Association you find such companies as IBM Czech Republic, DEMA, Markent, Triada.

Main activities of BMI concern:

  • Projects focused on awareness and dissemination activities to support the Internet and Information Society all over the Czech Republic (seminars, conferences, media and PR)
  • Educational and promotional actions for e-Business to SMEs launched in co-operation with regional Chambers of Commerce and Regional Development agencies
  • Projects based on sociological and market researches (e-Business, Public Internet) - Special target groups projects: e.g. support of Internet use for organisations of disabled persons.

During the last six  years, the BMI has launched several projects towards different target groups of population. The most popular is a nation-wide campaign March-Month of Internet, which was organised in 1998 for the first time. Every year in March more than 1/3 of the Czech adult population is “reached” by the annual campaign March-Month of Internet according the research of Markent agency.

Key figures 

  • BMI Association has become a partner for a fruitful dialogue between the state and local administrations, IT companies and citizens. It co-operates with a range of NGOs and participates in public & private partnership programmes in the Czech Republic.
  • The Month of Internet, the project of BMI, became a finalist of the Stockholm Challenge Award 2000 in a competition of 612 projects from the whole world. 39% of Czech adult population were informed about this project in 2004.
  • BMI is according to ESIS´2000 (European survey of information society) one of the key players in the Czech Republic.

BMI Association has 16 regular members, an executive council and a president. It works with 3 permanent staff,  some freelance co-ordinators. For the realisation of their projects the Association outsources to professional PR and market research agencies. It co-operates with national media and IT companies, independent associations, and state and public administration.