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Vysocina Region + BMI Association = EPMA

The European Projects & Management Agency (EPMA) has been established recently by the Vysocina Region and BMI Association in the Czech Republic as a not-for-profit working organization.

March 2004

March became the most important period of year for the BMI Association. Seven years ago in 1997, the March-Month of Internet awareness campaign has been launched in the Czech Republic for the first time. In 2004, the BMI organized a lot of events - including very interesting meetings with people of the international Prelude project.

INSPO 2004 conference in Prague

BMI activities are focused on basic service delivery topic in the frame of the Prelude project. The important campaign where the BMI took its’ name from is the March –Mont of Internet (Brezen Mesic Internetu). The March is approaching bringing the INSPO conference - the very important event, which combines a promotion of the Internet with the theme of basic services for people with specific needs. The 4th annual INSPO 2004 will take part in March, 13th in the Congress Centre of Prague, and a strong international participation is expected this year.

Junior Internet goes International

Junior Internet conference is here again! Participants from Slovakia and closer focus handicapped on Internet users – those changes are the most remarkable ones for the children’s annual conference Junior Internet 2004. It will be launched in March 20, 2004 as one of the main events of the March – Month of Internet. Only those who will come successfully through one of the four just announced competitions will be invited to take part at the conference.

New initiative in the frame of Prelude

The PRELUDE project is entering the final stage. There is a good communication of different partners not only inside the defined clusters but sometimes new thematic working groups come together to rise up new questions answering different thematic priorities.

Regional informatics in the Vysocina Region

The end of year brings the opportunity to look back at the results of the past initiatives. Vysocina Region does not belong to big or economic strong regions of the Czech Republic but has a great vision - to become one of the most important “information” regions. That is one of the reasons of the Vysocina participation in the Prelude project.

Vysocina Region - the best friend of open information

Vysocina Region has been rated the most open region in the competition "OPEN x CLOSED". The prize was given to the hands of the governor of the Vysocina Region Mr.Dohnal.

Vision Europe 2020 attracts young people

Broumov became after Prague the final stage of the Newropeans Marathon 2003. It was really „young“event collecting about 100 young people – students of local high schools – coming to meet Franck Biancheri in the old cozy Towns Theatre of Broumov. The „final“ in Broumov was the first event organized in the frame of the Marathon campaign, where people of two nations (Czech and Polish) met at the same place to dispute questions of European democracy with Franck Biancheri.

Vysocina launching conference of four regions

Czech regional partner of the Prelude project the Vysocina Region recognises that after joining of the European Union, national borders between the Czech Republic and Austria disappear. How the change will be reflected in minds of people and how to dissolve the borders in behaviour of institutions on the both sides of the border will be the core question of the coming conference. Leaders of the Vysocina Region assume the necessity of intensification of mutual contacts and better understanding of each other in the process of European accession.

BMI for the Forum of European e-Public Services

The e-Forum is pan-European non-profit association dedicated to analysing the future needs of eGovernment in Europe, and promoting excellence in defining solutions to those needs by bringing private and public actors together. It aims to be a showcase for the solutions that will shape eGovernment over the next ten to fifteen years.