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The third annual campaign March - Month of Internet in the year 2000
There is a fantastic campaign in Czech Republic, called March Month of Internet (BMI in Czech). It was launched two years ago with the aim to encourage use of the Internet as a tool for business, education and entertainment and has become very popular nation wide event. In the year 2000 it will be provided again by the BMI Association. BMI is the non-profit association open to everybody. It plans, co-ordinates and manages all activities, providing fundraising and marketing communication. Each year Month of Internet has commercial and expert partners and lots of supporting and co-operating organisations, as an umbrella project. In co-operation with the Czech Radio, the Czech TV dailies and other media BMI creates in the year 2000 the unique media channel to each citizen in the Czech Republic.

Commercial partners for the year 2000 are:
  • INET
  • Oracle Czech
  • Progress Software
  • Software602
  • 2N

BMI is providing the project March - Month of Internet as an extensive long-term campaign, which riches it s height in March. It covers several projects aimed on different target groups. Key activities of BMI for the next period will be connected with monitoring of actual figures about developing Czech Internet market. Activities of BMI are present almost in all spheres of public life, where Internet comes.

There are 15 projects planned for the year 2000 under Month of Internet name, e.g.:

Internet New Year' s Eve, party on February 29 for V.I.P in Internet and media.

EISF 2000 - Enterprise Information Strategy Forum, prestigious conference for business people from 29.2. to 2.3. 2000 in Prague. Official start of BMI 2000.

Junior Internet 2000 - First Child's Internet Conference

This event on the March 11th is organized with children and for children in the conference hall at Novotneho Lavka in Prague, in cooperation with Pl@neta club.
Participants will be the winners of 3 kinds of contests about Internet in special medias.
Sponsors are welcomed.

Seminar at Schola Nova Fair

Seminar for teachers and school administration offices about possibilities of using of the Internet at schools traditionally takes place at Schola Nova fair at Prague, 21.3. 2000.
Sponsors are welcomed.

ISSS 2000 - The 3rd annual conference of the Internet in local and state administration.

Two-days nationwide conference organized in cooperation with the Triada agency, the Association of Cities and Towns. Hradec Králové, March 26 - 28, 2000 under the patronage of the Council of Europe.
Round table Czech Republic on the Way to Information Society with panel discussion - March 28.

Days of the Internet in Czech towns.

A nationwide project to make the Internet available to the public at large. Days full of the Internet in selected 4 towns. In cooperation with local municipalities, public libraries, IT companies etc. Together with SMO and Pl@neta company.
Sponsors are welcomed.

With the Internet and for the Internet - to a Library!

The project is in cooperation with the Association of librarians. Will be widely promoted by regional radios and press to encourage citizens to touch the Internet by their own in more than 100 libraries all over the country. Combined with the next project, it by the way invites people to send e-mail to their representatives in the Parliament.

Send e-mail to your Representative in the Parliament!

How to send e-mail to the Parliament? What possibility can use the ordinary citizen? The project will start a special application for direct communication of people to members of Parliament.

Internet and disabled people

The long-term project is going to start in March the I. stage: to map the situation and to link the best practicies on the theme. Together with the Konto Bariery (Charta77), Association of handicapped, Association of deaf people, etc centers, Čzech TV, media.
Sponsors are welcomed.

2nd annual Virtual PC Forum

Four days from March 1st the Agency Blue Pages is providing the virtual fair of information and communication technologies.

Online Investor

On-line game, prepared on March 2000 by Private Investors company is going to enable the participants to invest fictitious money to the folio of American valuable papers - from Internet or mobile phone.

Sounds to the Czech Internet.

The first stage of the long-term project of SYNDICATED sociological and marketing researches about the Internet market and community. With researching companies Acron Communication, Markent, DEMA, VUT Brno.
Some actual figures being presented in March and April. Exclusive commercial partners of the project are Cisco Systems and IBM Czech Republic.

Nationwide Internet Awareness Contest

This print contest in the form of an Internet awareness test distributed in nationwide and regional media. Participants received a number of attractive prizes. Contest results announced during final-day celebrations of the campaign. Received forms were used for statistical evaluation. The main partner of the Contest is Dell Computers corp.

Internet-theme articles in hobby and professional magazines

An assortment of non-traditional media targeted as a medium for reaching a wide range of reader groups. A large number of Internet-related articles created by independent experts and journalists from Computer Press house to be published throughout the month of March.

Evening party for the end.

Celebration for 100 participants to announce campaign results. Main projects reminded, results and winners of Internet awareness contest announced during the party.

Press conference NEXT

Evaluation of the main projects, results and winners of Internet awareness contest, some results of the researches about Internet.

Additional projects

Apart from the above-mentioned masthead projects, a number of additional events in connection with the interests of individual subjects took part all over the Czech republic in March. In cooperation with the BMI Association, these events have benefit from media support of campaign partners as well as the campaign logo.

Campaign financing

Campaign March - Month of the Internet is a non-profit project of BMI Association. The backbone of this system consists of main commercial partners, which will benefit from campaign-wide publicity. A further group of single-event partners will get a remarkable part of the publicity, which is provided by campaign media partners.

March - Month of Internet
Campaign for support of the Internet in the Czech Republic

March - Month of the Internet is an extensive campaign whose main aim is to encourage increased use of the Internet as a tool for education, business and entertainment among individuals, organizations and local governments in the Czech Republic. The campaign is open to all subjects - local municipalities, professional organizations, schools, small businesses, corporations, financial institutions and, of course, individuals.